29 Oct 2015

It’s not personal. It’s strictly business…On Facebook

Michael Corleone’s famous line from the Godfather should be taken to heart by anyone who uses Facebook for business.  It’s not uncommon today to see a brand owner publish a post under their own name, although they
3 Aug 2015

Social Media and Viral Posts

We were pleased that a recent post of our Veterinary client, Animal Clinic of Morris Plains, was shared 148 times. Of these, 126 were directly shared from the original Facebook post. What’s interesting is that there must
17 Jul 2015

The Paradox of Blogging

Blogging is paradoxical.  Almost every business should be blogging, but few find the time to do it. Why Blog? First of all, why blog?  Quality written content in the form of blogging has been shown to bring
3 Jul 2015

Leading Edge Digital wishes all of our friends and business partners a Happy 4th of July!

When I look at the world around us, I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in this country, during the 21st century.  Although we Americans still have a long way to go, as recent events
12 Jun 2015

Staggering Digital Results – Sample Monthly Report

For our current blog, we decided to show a typical monthly digital report that we send to clients. This demonstrates both our reporting format as well as the power of helping our clients to provide great industry
17 Apr 2015

We Targeted The Queen Of England

    Among the amazing tools available to today’s digital marketers is the ability to target with extraordinary and unprecedented accurately.  Not only can individual towns be selected as the designated geography, but on certain media such