Google Adwords Archive

10 Oct 2016

Quality Score 10 Anyone?

If you’re new to Google advertising, you may be confused by terms such as Quality Score Ad Rank and Ad Extensions, which determine where your ad appears on a search results page, and how much you’ll pay
5 Feb 2016

Google’s Strangest and Most Awkward #Adwords Optimization Technique or “How An 11th Century Conqueror Messed Up Our Blog Title”

Changing an existing Google Adwords keyword type from “Broad Match”, upwards towards “Phrase Match” or “Exact Match” is a great way of improving your Adwords results. That’s why Google is so keen on recommending this technique. Surprisingly,
8 Jan 2016

Google Adwords Certification

Learning is a lifelong process and critical to the success of any digital marketer. Towards that end, Google helps out enormously with their Adwords (sponsored digital advertising) and other Google Partners Certification programs. Google currently offers six